Fresh Art VIII - a virtual exhibition

Fresh Art VIII is the culmination of two years of artistic exploration and study by students.

Amanda Vowell

Marketing Officer


Fresh Art VIII is the culmination of two years of artistic exploration and study by students in Studio Arts and Visual Communication Design. Throughout VCE units 1 to 4, students developed their thinking and working practices to create a body of work that reflects their personal concepts, ideas, directions, explorations, aesthetic qualities and technical skills. To complete the VCE requirements for Studio Arts, at least two finished artworks that resolve the student’s intentions must be created. Year 12 Visual Communication Design students were required to present either 2D design and imagery or 3D industrials design models and architecture for a client of their choice.

Meet the Artists

M Bannister

'Utilitarian' is inspired by the idea of creating aesthetic artwork from practical maps, making art out of something that is ‘designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive’ (the definition of utilitarian). This piece is hand-coloured linocut.

'Destination' was created with a focus on portraying the deeper connections people have with certain places, that Magnetic Island is more than a holiday destination. This piece is mixed media.

I wanted to explore the movement of bubbles and the transition of colours. The spiral begins with warm colours on the bottom right corner and flows around transitioning to cool colours. I want to present the depth in ‘Spiraling’ and relate that to the viewer and how the colours change with the depth, and then relate this to how people do not appear the same on the outside as they are on the inside.

'Fragile Thoughts' explores the similarities between bubbles and the human mind. I want the viewers to connect their thoughts to those in ‘Fragile Thoughts’ and I want the colours in the background to remind them of the unstable and fragile mind. The colour is an explosion in the background to represent the chaos many people experience with their emotions and thoughts.

N Corby

My ceramic sculptural bust - 'Searching for yellow' - explores the complex conception of the spectrum of human emotions. The sculpture is painted blue to represent the sadness surrounding the bust with green eyes to show the envy felt of those happy.

My sculpture ‘Insecurities in a world of uncertainty’ is created out of plater bandages and explores the distorted outlook people have when looking at themselves and the world we live in. I placed the hands around the sculpture to show the feeling of being trapped and also showing a sense of security.

The artwork explores the emotions of loss and heartbreak using the imagery of the eyes being “the window to the soul” and the heart as a symbol for feelings and emotions.

C Filmer

Romantic High Country is an acrylic Painting showing the remote isolated Victorian high country and how the landscape can be beautiful is remote areas. It also highlights the diverse biodiversity of East Gippsland showing a variety of native flora and fauna.

Gabo Lighthouse is an acrylic Painting showing below and above water landscape at Gabo Lighthouse, the sunken ship highlights the importance of lighthouse for ships. It also highlights the diverse biodiversity of East Gippsland showing a variety of native flora and fauna.

'Dreaming of Summer Nights' is an acrylic piece inspired through the desire for summer to return once more and to have the opportunity to experience the atmospheric feeling that occurs at dusk. The imagery conveys ideas of the piece being something that was once an event and is now being remembered through a dream.

'To Be a Child' is an acrylic series which explores ideas surrounding childhood innocence and how this effects their perspective on life whether that be through their interpretation of events or stories

A new design for the Lakes Entrance skate park was developed. This design works to develop multi skill level areas that would encourage younger skaters while also challenging the proficient. He also designed a Poster advertising a fictitious skate competition that could be held with the opening of the new skate park.

A Grassby

My portraits are titled, ‘Daniel’ and ‘Lauren’ and are done in graphite pencil. They are about emotions and depicting personality as well as illustrating realistically into the portraits.

Inspired by personal interpretation of the William Blake poem, 'Fair Elenor' explores loss, being stuck between life and death, as well as the haunting feeling that experience would leave. The juxtaposition of colour and monochromatic greyscale place emphasis on the emotions explored.

Chole Higgins developed a new logo and landscape redesign for a local garden center. Adding a café for patrons was part of the client criteria.

Soleil Levings worked in the architecture discipline redesigning learning centre and “learning pods” for a university/school. She also redeveloped the logo for the architecture company naming it LAL.

'Do androids dream of Yves-Klein sheep?' investigates ideas in relation to identity and lack thereof in an individualistic society. I wanted to explore, through many small similar shaped and sized heads, how we lose our uniqueness in the quest for obtaining it. I tried to visualise the theory "if all of us are special, are any of us special?".

The choice of a colour referencing the infamous ‘Yves-Klein Blue’ is to show the ways in which certain imagery or aesthetics can become exclusive or elite, and intentionally unattainable to wider society, and the unattainability making these aesthetics desirable. Similar to how people may alter their appearance with the intent to set them apart from others, when, in reality, they end up looking the same.

‘One Eye Open’ explores how our appearances are deceiving and how themes of deception, from past and present, intertwine. In both pieces I used imagery of faces through my own drawings and appropriation of famous sculptures, applying bold bright colours to convey a particular meaning in relation to identity.

The 4 final artworks in the second piece cohesively illustrate my fascination with the deception and facades through the theme of identity in a contemporary and classical world. The works explore the identity and how that may be altered through a formulated façade, and also the assumptions made on people’s appearance.

Tyler redeveloped the logo for a local flying instructing school. A poster was also developed to promote the business.

I have explored photographic effects in the studio to give emotion and feeling to a portrait - as seen in Self-portrait Series 1 and 2. Initially the aim was to take portraits of other people but I altered by focus to self-portraits due to the Covid lockdown. All photographs were taken in a temporary studio I set up at home.

'Lost Love' is a watercolour painting that represents a women who has just lost a loved one and the blue background signifies her pool of tears. However the flowers that extend out of the female figure move freely, because only after trauma comes new beginnings.

'The Mind's Desire' is also a watercolour painting that has the meaning of peace, calm and relaxed. It shows the peaceful mindset through the use of flowers and shares the effect nature has on displaying emotion.

My portraits are called 'Happy' and 'Angry' and the poem is sad. They are about emotions and are done in watercolour, guache and colour pencil.

‘Frozen in Time’ is a cast taken of my elderly neighbours hand, the cast is placed in a glass bowl along with a pocket watch and dried flowers to capture time.

‘Timeless love’ is a watercolour painting of flowers in a pot with Roman numerals around the edge to show the effect of time on the environment.